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The Week’s Top IT Stories: 10/24

Each week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top industry headlines of the moment. This week Ubuntu released Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, Apple defeated a patent suit challenge and a Bay Area tech company was caught red-handed by the United States Department of Labor for unfair pay. See what else made our top headlines.

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Case Study

Product Spotlight

LeBlanc’s Food Stores

LeBlanc's needed a space-saving, backup power solution to protect its point-of-sale terminals across Louisiana. The Eaton 3S UPS was the perfect fit.

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Product Spotlight

Top 10 Things IT Pros Want Healthcare Pros to Know, Part 1

As the evolution of information technology in health care continues, the industry is being injected with changes that are sparking new roles, realities and priorities. Health care reform initiatives — coupled with an array of technology advancements —are forcing hospital IT departments to alter how they do things. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that the last time you visited your doctor's office, the physician more than likely took notes and stored medical records using an iPad.  

Indisputably, the diagnosis for managing modern day medical information involves a great deal of effort and resources.  Indeed, when Eaton recently polled the Spiceworks community — informally asking if they saw major differences between traditional IT and health care IT — one member summed it up succinctly: Life and Death.

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Ask the Expert

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Ask the Experts


We currently have 6 Eaton 5130 UPSs installed in the bottom of our racks. We are installing overhead mesh racks to move power from the floor to overhead. We need an additional 4' of power cable. What do you suggest for a solution that is OSHA approved? Please advise! Thank you

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Product Spotlight

The Archiving Equation: Making a Case for the Money-Making Archive

It might seem intuitive to IT leaders that electronic archiving is a best-case practice for any business, but can your team show — with concrete examples — how archiving stands to generate returns on the infrastructure investment involved?

Let's look at some strategies that can turn these databases into tools, putting your department in the limelight for a powerful way to leverage the information you already retain.

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Thought Leadership

Product Spotlight

Overcoming eight common power management challenges

How intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions provide relief for some of today’s worst power-related headaches.

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Ed Spears

Ed is a product marketing manager for Eaton’s Critical Power Solutions.

Read more about Ed Spears.

Jim Tessier

Jim is a product manager for Eaton single phase UPSs, power monitoring software and connectivity products.

Read more about Jim Tessier.

Professor Wattson

A retired college professor, Professor Wattson consults IT managers and customers in all aspects of IT power management.

Read more about Professor Wattson.

David Windsor

A mechanical engineer, David is a Project Manager for Eaton UPS products, currently for 5-11 kVA UPSs.

Read more about David Windsor.
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