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The Week's Top IT Stories: 11/21

Each week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top industry headlines of the moment. This week IBM’s Verse is looking to make email more productive, streaming TV service Aereo filed for bankruptcy, and Uber landed itself in hot water around tracking customers. See what else made our top headlines.

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Case Study

Product Spotlight

LeBlanc’s Food Stores

LeBlanc's needed a space-saving, backup power solution to protect its point-of-sale terminals across Louisiana. The Eaton 3S UPS was the perfect fit.

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Product Spotlight

The Top 10 Most Unusual U.S. Power Outages of 2014

From illegally powering a marijuana growing house to a gnarly child custody exchange, a wide variety of unusual incidents were responsible for causing blackouts in 2014. If you thought that only storms and car crashes resulted in power outages, read on, as Eaton reveals the top 10 most unusual outages of the year.

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Ask the Expert

Product Spotlight

Ask the Experts


We have a customer with a 5HP/ 3ph refer compressor and wants to support it thruogh small power blips with a UPS. What size unit should we offer??

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Product Spotlight

Real-Time Online Security: Keeping Your Clients Safe in the Moment

When it comes to securing data, IT discussions tend to center on malware, theft, and the kind of threat that lurks in the background of a system. But what about Web and mobile-app platforms where infiltration can be an in-the-moment, real-time extraction of sensitive information?
For many companies, the response is an internal one, run by in-house IT. With that in mind, let's look at five key steps that your team can take starting today — ways to keep valuable data safe in the moment, wherever it may roam.

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Thought Leadership

Product Spotlight

Overcoming eight common power management challenges

How intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions provide relief for some of today’s worst power-related headaches.

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Ed Spears

Ed is a product marketing manager for Eaton’s Critical Power Solutions.

Read more about Ed Spears.

Jim Tessier

Jim is a product manager for Eaton single phase UPSs, power monitoring software and connectivity products.

Read more about Jim Tessier.

Professor Wattson

A retired college professor, Professor Wattson consults IT managers and customers in all aspects of IT power management.

Read more about Professor Wattson.

David Windsor

A mechanical engineer, David is a Project Manager for Eaton UPS products, currently for 5-11 kVA UPSs.

Read more about David Windsor.
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